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14 January 2019: WeddingCake and Zen Android malware, Ryuk, DNSpionage, Zebrocy, Singapore data breach, ChinaZ, Hide'N'Seek, etc.

7 January 2019: APT actors, attacks against North Korean defectors, Ryuk ransomware, Vidar, phishing with letter-swapping font, Goblin Panda, MobSTSPY, etc.

24 December 2018: APT10, 2FA phishing, Shamoon and APT33, CVE-2018-8653, Underminer exploit kit, Ryuk, WindTail macOS malware, etc.

17 December 2018: exploit builders, APT-C-23, CVE-2018-8611, Shamoon, Virut, Operation Sharpshooter, Charming Kitten, Sofacy, bomb hoax spam, etc.

10 December 2018: Necurs, Hide'N'Seek, Mirai, Kelihos, STOLEN PENCIL, Magecart, ForSSHe, DarthMiner, etc.

3 December 2018: SamSam, Pegasus, exploit kits, 3ve takedown, Backswap, DNSpionage, MuddyWater, Bladabindi, etc.

26 November 2018: Lazarus, Cozy Bear, Fancy Bear, OceanLotus, Magecart, IoT botnets, OilRig, FIN7, etc.



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