Lightning talks – innovation in threat intel

Friday 5 October 11:30 - 12:00, TIS room

Sayeed Abu-Nimeh (Seclytics)
Matthias Leisi (DNS Whitelist (DNSWL))

Talk 1: The science of predictive analytics – Saeed Abu-Nimeh, Founder, Seclytics

Leveraging security analytics and machine learning, it is now possible to monitor changes in Internet infrastructure, identify suspicious activities, and use this knowledge to predict attacks before they are launched.


Talk 2: Tracking trusted good guys – Matthias Leisi, Project Leader, DNS Whitelist (DNSWL)

How can we reduce abuse response lag? One way is to provide knowledge and APIs that enable abuse notifications coming from legitimate and trustworthy sources to be scored for priority treatment. Is a reliable, up-to-date global Abuse Contact Database perhaps just around the corner?


Talk 3: TBA

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Lightning talks – innovation in threat intel

Sayeed Abu-Nimeh (Seclytics)
Matthias Leisi (DNS Whitelist (DNSWL))

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