Symbian SMS pest highlighted

Posted by   Virus Bulletin on   Jan 6, 2009

Mobile exploit attack disables messaging.

A presentation at a popular hacking forum has brought much attention to a flaw in the SMS processing in some versions of the Symbian mobile operating system, in use in many mobile phones from leading manufacturer Nokia among others. The flaw can be exploited with a specially crafted SMS message, which can then disable all further SMS and MMS functionality on the phone.

While the exploit attack has gathered much press attention, and highlighted the growing need and market for security products for mobiles, it has little value as a criminal tool and seems unlikely to become widespread even as an unpleasant practical joke. However, some commentators have criticised Nokia for a perceived lack of reaction to the news.

Details on the vulnerability are in The Register here and DarkReading here, with more on the F-Secure blog here.

Posted on 06 January 2009 by Virus Bulletin



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